Investors Directory 2023

Investors Directory 2023

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An exceptional year

2022 was extraordinary in many ways. Inflation, rising energy costs and the war in Ukraine are shaking up our society. The global economy is under pressure and major power blocs are diametrically opposed. On top of this, migration and explosive population growth not only put pressure on democratic principles, but also confront us with the almost impossible challenge of controlling global warming.

With these social trends slumbering in the background, the Belgian commercial real estate market nevertheless managed to achieve an absolute record year with an invested volume of more than €9bn. This made Belgium one of the exceptions on the international scene. We can be quite proud of the performance of our small, yet very dynamic and attractive real estate market.

The inflow of capital to Belgian real estate is also reflected in the new edition of the Expertise 100 that provides a ranking of direct investments in Belgian real estate, followed by Top 10 rankings within the different market segments, as well as an analysis of trends and figures. A record number of companies shared their portfolio figures.

The Directory gives an overview of the individual records of the investors that participated in the Expertise survey, offering insight in the composition of their portfolio.

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