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As a publisher, Expertise reports on the main events, deals and developments in the real estate sector in Belgium and Luxembourg, links them to the leading market players, and collates this into comprehensible trends and value-added information. 

With more than 30 years of experience, Expertise has become the reference for the real estate professional for news, data and trends in commercial real estate. 

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Become a member of the Expertise readership and stay on top of the latest financial and economic real estate news in Belgium, with the Expertise news products and services on following topics.

Expertise News

Business & investment property
  • Offices, semi-industrial, leisure real estate
  • Corporate news
  • Stock exchange-related real estate news 

Retail Focus

Retail property & expansion
  • High streets, city centre top locations
  • Shopping centres
  • Out-of-town, chain stores, retail warehousing 

Square Info

Residential property
  • Multifamily development 
  • Care-related real estate
  • Student housing 
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